Carolyn Malachi Vector Art series

Carolyn Malachi rocked out The Cotton Room for the inaugural show of the Art of Cool Project’s sophmore season! It was a great show, in a classy venue with an appreciative crowd. The night was led off by the Apple Juice Kid producing some very cool beats to get the crowd in the right frame of mind.

The show was so hot it inspired me to create a complete series of new vector art images of all of the performers.

Here is a gallery of photos from the special night as well!
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Sidecar Social Club explodes at Artsplosure 2012

I was excited to see that Sidecar Social Club was on the Main Stage at Artsplosure this past Saturday. I was excited because I got a small taste of these guys earlier in the month at the Hob Nob Jazz Series at the Koka Booth Apitheater and was waiting to hear a full set. I was also excited that I had a rare spring Saturday off (our wedding for the weekend was on Friday) and could hang around in the beautiful weather and hear some great music. So who is Sidecar Social Club? According to the band’s facebook page they are “stumbling into our view playing the musical equivalent of a Jim Thompson novel!” To my ears, they put a modern,edgy spin on the classic jazz combo.

Here is the lineup:

J.Clarence Crew, Jr – Piano
Aaron Bittikofer – Bass
Edward Theolandos Butler – Drums
F.O. Finch III – saxophone
Lisa Veronica Wood – Vocalist

These guys are fierce and innovative musically make sure you check them out at the NC Museum of Art every third Friday this summer – June 15th, July 20th and August 17th. If you just can’t wait until then, they have a few tunes posted on You Tube. Check ’em out.

Peter Lamb with the Countdown Quintet :: NYE 2011 Casbah

Worked over the weekend to finish up this project from the New Year’s Eve celebration at the Casbah in Durham. This is from the Countdown Quintet’s set when they called Peter Lamb up to play a rousing version on “Hole in my Bucket” that featured the three sax’s on stage taking a break! Sweeet!

Peter Lamb and Countdown Quintet at the Casbah New Year's Eve Sweet Life photo
Peter Lamb and Countdown Quintet at the Casbah New Year’s Eve Sweet Life photo art

To see more from my “Bopscotching” tour of NYE 2011, go over the Art of Cool page here on the site or Check out my page on the Art of Cool Project blog

The Art of Cool Project

Al Strong and the labourlove gallery are collaborating on a new non-profit venture called the Art of Cool Project. The Art of Cool is a jazz advocacy project showcasing high quality jazz artists in an intimate concert setting at a posh art gallery. As a member of the collective at labourlove I was introduced to Al at the first show at labourlove. That show was the impetus for the creation of the Art of Cool. As a lifelong musician and artist this project really resonates with me. I was honored when Al asked permission to use a digital painting I did of that first show at labourlove for the branding of the Art of Cool project.

As I have been thinking about it, I still wanted to do more. I have decided to offer a set of 10 images that will be available for purchase exclusively at labourlove and the profits from which will be donated to The Art of Cool Project. These images are B&W photographs of musicians, most of whom make all or a portion of their income from busking. The images are set in New Orleans, San Francisco and the Triangle. Other than Mario Abney, who has achieved a level of fame via his appearances in the HBO series Treme, none of these musicians are well-known but their love for making music drives them to continue playing for tips on the streets to make a living.

The prints are archival, hand crafted B&W images. The 5×7 images are mounted on a mat ready to go into an 8×10 frame. For each $39 print purchased, $10 will be donated to the Art of Cool project. You can buy the entire set of 10 to create an compelling gallery in your home for $350 and would generate a $100 donation.

Here are previews of a few of the images that are in this exclusive offer. Head over to labourlove gallery to check out the rest of the set.